Sturgill Simpson Doesn’t Hate Luke Bryan, “When You Say Things In Print It’s So Easy For Context To Get Twisted”


Sturgill Simpson has landed in hot water recently for making comments that were blatantly insulting to fellow country singer Luke Bryan in an article in the New York Times. It solidified Simpson as an outsider after the GRAMMY award winning artist was neither nominated nor invited to the ACM or CMA award shows. But the comments, framed to look like Simpson truly dislikes Bryan, were taken out of context. Who knows, they may get coffee after all.

The New York Times focused on the growing divide between “bro country” and “real country” and pitted Byan and Simpson against one another. When asked to comment about one another, Bryan said, “I’ve wanted to go have coffee with Sturgill. I am utterly amazed at what he does.”

Sturgill said, “I don’t know Luke, I don’t think about Luke, and I’ve honestly never heard a single note of his music.”

Seems a little rude. But that’s never what Sturgill intended.

“When you say things in print it’s so easy for context to get twisted,” he wrote on Twitter. He then released pictures of the conversation with the author of the article which showed that his comments were not aimed shots at Bryan.

​The author was looking for negative comments about Bryan.

“Does he think he’s a negative force in music?”

Sturgill’s response actually tries to distance himself from that narrative.

The author used everything but the part where Sturgill says “I don’t have any quotes for you” to turn Sturgill into the antagonist of the story. Sturgill tagged Byran and the author of the article in his tweet to clear the air.

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