10 Spookiest Country Music Videos of All-Time


Halloween is inching closer and closer. Before you know it, the goblins and witches — hello Sanderson Sisters! — will arise out of the dust and dank spaces to creep the earth once again. Country’s biggest stars will also be getting all suited up to do some trickin’ (and maybe some treatin’) of their very own. One Country takes a glance back through history to dig up some of the creepiest and downright most disturbing music videos of all time. Can you handle it?

10 Spookiest Country Music Videos of All-Time:

1. “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia” // Reba

The song itself is pretty dark, but add in Reba’s acting chops and shadowy figures bumping around in the woods, and you have a treat delicious enough for Halloween.

2. “Two Black Cadillacs” // Carrie Underwood

One of Underwood’s standout revenge tales is taken to new heights with an utterly creepy nod to Stephen King’s Christine — which serves as an unforgettable twist in your typical murder story.

3. “Midnight in Montgomery” // Alan Jackson

Nothing is creepier than a ghost, even if that ghost is the Hank Williams.

4. “Better Dig Two” // The Band Perry

Built on a hardy southern gothic foundation, this pop-country ditty about love that knows no bounds (even that of the physical world) is one of the trio’s finest hours. The video is set in the dark woods, with fog snarling and curling around the tree limbs; that alone is chill-inducing.

5. “3-2-1 (321)” // Brett Kissel

A love song gone horribly, horribly wrong. You can’t unsee this.

6. “Creepin'” // Eric Church

A man trying to move on from his ex-girlfriend is (literally) haunted by her ghost on a train. The setting, the atmosphere and Church’s sinister edge can send this under your skin.

7. “Murder of the Crows” // Lindi Ortega

The Canadian singer-songwriter has always had a fascination with skulls and death, but this video is creepier than expected. Splashed with blurry focus, performance clips and cornfields, this one will certainly give you nightmares.

8. “Gravedigger” // Willie Nelson

A cemetery is naturally creepy, but in the very capable hands of Nelson, that takes on a whole new meaning here. There’s an ominous feeling just watching this clip. Happy Halloween, ya’ll!

9. “Come Next Monday” // K.T. Oslin

There’s nothing particularly haunting about the song, but her Frankenstein treatment is eerie. Also, the Investigative Discovery interview approach is a nice touch.

10. “Sittin’ Up with the Dead” // Ray Stevens

Very tongue-in-check and melodramatic, as is his way, the clip still has an undeniable creep factor we just can’t get our of our heads.