Stephanie Quayle Finds Herself At Home With New EP, “If I Was A Cowboy”


Stephanie Quayle is most at home amongst the open fields and blue skies of Bozeman, Montana, from which she hails. That way of life is exactly what the blonde beauty so eloquently brought to her latest EP, If I Was a Cowboy.

The title track, written by Shane McAnally, Nicolle Galyon, and Ross Copperman, was the catalyst that enabled Stephanie to incorporate her hometown roots into the EP. “This is what I’ve been looking for,” said Stephanie, whose previous singles include “Drinking with Dolly,” “Winnebago” and “Selfish.” “That sound, that something, that identifier, that makes me, me. Authentic to my Western ways and still feels modern, and still feels fresh.”

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While the EP is an evolution in the singer’s sound, it’s more representative of her than ever before. Showcasing that cowboy way of life, is about more than just being a cowboy, it’s a state of mind for Stephanie.

“The state of mind is, you don’t have time to overthink it, because it could be life and death. Also that cowboy state of mind is being able to let go quicker,” Stephanie tells One Country. “And there have absolutely been times in my life, relationships personally and in business where I should’ve walked away sooner, and  let my heart heal faster. That is part of that cowboy state of mind.”

Stephanie Quayle If I was a cowboy EP cover

Another theme running though the EP is that of second chances, represented in songs “Second Rodeo,” and “Evel Knievel,” where Stephanie implores listeners to get back in the saddle and try again.

“I live that way,” Stephanie shares.”I want that for everyone. I don’t ever want anyone to fall victim to being a victim, no matter what happens. Fight your way for you out of it. So yes, there is the theme. I am a little thematic and I like it.”

The new EP, available now, follows Stephanie’s 2017 album, Love the Way You See Me?, and features her current single, “Whatcha Drinkin’ ‘Bout,” about getting to the bottom of the reason people are drinking. “Because everybody is drinking about something.”

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One Country sat down with Stephanie to get her take on the new tracks that make up the Ep, If I Was a Cowboy. Here’s what she had to say:

1. “If I was a Cowboy” – “For me a thousand percent cowboy state of mind. Now, because we’ve shot the music video. And we shot that in Montana, and it has all this stuff in it that I reflect on, that’s swinging doors to me. I think of swinging doors, and that is get back up on your horse”

2. “Evel Knievel” – “Run like a wild horse, chasing that sun even, if you’re all out. The chorus is everything to me. The bridge of that song though is what gets me choked up. The bridge is where it’s like, ‘it takes one part crazy, one part leap of faith.’ I mean I think anyone in any business, that’s striving for these wild aspirations, whatever it may be, you feel that way. Am I crazy to be doing this? Maybe it all fell apart, but somehow I’m going to keep going.”

3. “Whatcha Drinkin’ ‘Bout” – “This song has been a bit of a surprise, because I’m one of the writers on it, and I didn’t know its potency until we got in the studio and recorded it with the full band. I love the play on what you thinking about. And to watch this song on the fans faces since we started playing out, the first chorus they’re singing along. It’s just one of those simple songs that makes you think. Everybody is drinking about something, and it’s so much fun.”

4. “Second Rodeo” – “Ain’t nobody got their s**t together. I mean, it is the truest statement. I sang that line on the microphone when were recording this, probably a thousand times, because it brought me so much joy swearing on the microphone. And I think that we all look at others like they have it all together. And sometimes perception creates a reality that might not be really what it is. So I think it’s really important for us to all recognize that everyone’s going through something.”

5. “Untitled” – As soon as we recorded that, we knew that that would be the last song on whatever form we did. If we did an EP or an album, that would be its continuation, because I think there is so many unchartered songs and musical adventures to come.And we have so many songs we haven’t even been able to share yet.”

If I was a Cowboy is available now.