Stephanie Quayle Turns Up The Heat With “Selfish”

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Move over Justin Timberlake, Stephanie Quayle is bringing sexy back. The Montana native taking charge and speaking her mind with her third single, “Selfish.”

“This is the women’s song. It’s a love song, it’s a sexy song and it’s from the women’s perspective,” Stephanie tells One Country. “I think there’s been a real void of that. I think this is a needed song. To watch every woman of every age, from the 21-year-old to the 65-year old with her daughter just singing every word, I just about lost my mind.”

The new tune, written by Stephanie, Andrew Wills and Tori Tullier, is featured her latest album, Love the Way You See Me.

“It’s about wanting more time with the one you love,” adds Stephanie. ” I’m recently married and I always want more time. In the writing session I was fiery, as I can be. I was saying, ‘I just don’t want to share him. I want him to myself. I’m feeling selfish.’ And that turned into wait a moment, we got something here.”

I took an hour / Picking out this dress / Your gonna slip right off / Your friends ain’t gonna call / Cause I already let ’em know / Tonight I want you all to my own/ I’m selfish / When it comes to you boy/ I can’t help it / I’m like a kid with a toy / I ain’t sharing / Feel them staring / Let me spell it out / I want you and no one else / I’m selfish,” she kicks off the song.

The Montana native released the new video on Tuesday (March 6). The simplistic video, done in black and white, uses Stephanie, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, to tell the story. The words say it all—”I want you and no one else, I’m selfish.”

Come on ladies, let’s take a minute to be “Selfish.”