Sirius XM Host Storme Warren Recalls Events of Tragic Las Vegas Shooting


Many family members, friends and associates from the country music community were in Las Vegas this weekend for the three-day Route 91 Harvest festival, including Nashville based Sirius XM Host Storme Warren.

Warren, who hosts Sirius XM’s “The Highway” each weekday morning, was at the festival doing what he loves—hosting the three-day concert. Never did he imagine that what happened on Oct. 1 would take place during the festival.

While on stage during Jason Aldean’s closing set, Warren had a first hand look at the bullets flying from the Mandalay Bay window and hitting the deck of the stage. “When we ran off the stage to hide, we could hear the bullets hitting just above our heads on the stage deck,” recalled Warren.

The radio host called in to HLN’s “Morning Express with Robin Meade” to recount the details of the event that unfolded right in front of him.

“We really thought that we were just witnessing something that was just a glitch in the production of the stage,” Warren said. “Then we heard the bullets continue to fire and we realized they were bullets. That’s when the panic set in. We knew exactly where it was coming from, it was coming from the Mandalay Bay hotel. You could hear it coming from the hotel. There was not doubt. Then it was just trying to stay out of the way and watching people fall in front of you and stepping over bodies and trying to help as many people as you could and still try to stay safe at the same time. It was a very surreal experience.”

A few minutes into Aldean’s set, Stephen Paddock, who we now know to be the shooter, began spraying rounds of bullets from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay toward the stage and into the crowd. Warren, who was on stage with in the vicinity of Aldean at the time recalled the sound of bullets hitting all around him.

“You could actually hear the shells hitting the stage deck,” Warren added. “I was standing onstage while this first started to happen. Of course, when we all realized, Jason’s crew very professionally rushed Jason and his band off the stage and got them safe. Then we all realized we had to get safe then. We saw the chaos of the crowd. It was very surreal. As soon as the gunfire had ceased for awhile, at least what we thought was going to be awhile, I wanted to go up and try to go out into the grass of the arena and just try to see what was going on. There were bodies. There were bodies in the grass. There’s people hurt, and there’s bloody, injured people. Not just a couple. It was a lot of people that we witnessed. I tried to help as many as we could.”

Listen to Robin’s full interview with Storme Warren.