Sturgill Simpson Goes for Reverse-Engineering on New Album and New Song, “Brace for Impact”

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Brace for impact, country music, Sturgill Simpson is back with a new song and the title for his upcoming album. Simpson previewed his new, “reserve-engineered” sound on Apple’s Beats 1 with host Zane Lowe and it sounds nothing like his previous, Metamodern Sounds in Country Music.

Wanting to get away from formulaic country music and express other interests outside of country music, Simpson told Lowe, “I wanted to reverse-engineer the songcraft this time around. Country music especially can get very formulaic. You have to have your verses and bridge and chorus. A lot of the songs were written as plain and simple poetry on the road and I decided I was going to frame those poems to music while in the studio.”

The new song is “Brace for Impact” and it’s a funky splash of country met with some throbbing bass and electric piano. Of course, Simpson’s vocals are still as country as you can get.

The new album, A Sailor’s Guide to Earth, will be out this year.

Image Source: Jeremy Scott for Country Outfitter