Sugarland’s Video For “Babe” Featuring Taylor Swift Is Better Than We Could Have Imagined

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When Sugarland teased their upcoming video for “Babe,” by releasing a short clip earlier this week, we knew the video would be good, but we had no idea it would be this good. The video takes place in the 60’s on the same set where the television show “Mad Men” was filmed and it stars Jennifer Nettles, actor Brandon Routh (“Superman Returns” ) and Taylor Swift, as the redheaded vixen. Va va va Voom. 

Jennifer taking on the role as the scorned wife and Taylor Swift as the other woman is absolutely brilliant. Each play their role to perfection. If there was an Oscars for music videos, they’d both be vying for best actress. 

Taylor co-wrote the song with Train’s Pat Monyhan and is featured on background vocals, so why not get her to star in the video?

The premise of the video has the cheating husband, played by Routh, heading to the office where he meets his sexy mistress, played by Swift, who looks fabulously flirtatious with red hair. (Did you catch some of the dead on steely expressions Taylor rendered as the other woman.)

Meanwhile, Jennifer is at home playing the perfect housewife, keeping up appearances. As she brings her husband lunch at the office, Jennifer catches Brandon and Taylor in the act. Acting like nothing happened, Jennifer kisses her husband and heads for home. In the end, both Taylor and Brandon both get what they deserve. 

And not to be left out, Kristian makes cameos as the nosey neighbor and office co-worker witnessing the couple’s troubles. If only more videos could be this thought out and well done. No doubt, we have your 2019 Video of the Year right here.

Sugarland Babe Video with Taylor Swift