Kristian Bush Detailed What It Took to Reunite with Jennifer Nettles/Sugarland and It’s Not As Dramatic As You Think

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Since Sugarland went on hiatus back in 2012, Jennifer Nettles took on the spotlight on her own with several different projects. Kristian Bush was busy, but in a more behind-the-scenes way producing albums and writing songs. But, through it all, Sugarland still existed, which is why Bush finally sat down to discuss the non-comeback, comeback.

A few weeks ago, Nettles shared, “I think we’ve had almost six years of experience growing and evolving as artists and as writers, Kristian as a producer, myself as a performer, Kristian as a performer, and we’ve also done things that I think expand us in new ways.”

Bush got candid with Taste of Country on how this all happened and it’s way less dramatic than fans probably imagined.

1. Jennifer reached out to Kristian.

She just reached out and I was like, ‘Alright, let’s see if we’ve still got it from a writing perspective. So we sat down and wrote and the first single was the first song that we wrote in like 45 minutes. I was like ‘OK, that’s gonna work just fine.’

2. Jennifer and Kristian kept their distance during the hiatus.

We kept a good separation based on … we had a built-in thing that prevented us from creating. Because if I was to write on a Jennifer record, it wouldn’t be her music. And same thing, vice-versa.

3. Bush never thought they were done.

I’ve always thought that we hadn’t finished saying the things we needed to say. … With Sugarland it never felt like we were finished telling our story. It felt like we needed to collect more.

4. Bush’s kids aren’t impressed by Sugarland’s reunion.

It’s really fascinating to me because I put everything up to, ‘What would I want my daughter to hear?’ She’s 12. When I told her the band was coming back together I was trying to prepare her and she’s like, ‘Dad, my friends don’t care.’

5. Bush isn’t nervous for the new music or upcoming tour.

Oh yeah, it’s awesome! I’m excited nervous. I’ve got rehearsals this evening for our tour. I’ve got three more days to write for this. I’m staying up late, I’m getting up early before the sun comes up. Like this is it. This is what you train for your whole life.

Sugarland has no set date for when new music will be available, but the duo has announced Still The Same Tour dates. The tour kicks off in May and crisscrosses the country before wrapping up in September.