A Sneak Peek Into Sugarland’s Tour Rehearsal Proves They’re “Still the Same”

Sugarland tour rehearsal performance shot
Photos by Lisa Konicki

Sugarland is gearing up to hit the road for their Still the Same Tour, that reunites the duo after five years apart. The dynamic duo gave industry insiders a sneak peek at what’s to come Thursday afternoon at Soundcheck in Nashville.

Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush taking the stage together was as if they never left. There’s a reason that their first single and tour name is called “Still the Same,” because they still are.

While the duo will be performing Sugarland favorites on tour, Jennifer and Kristian gave a sneak peek at a few new songs featured on their upcoming studio album, Bigger, including “Babe,” Bird in a Cage,” “Lean it on Back” and “Let Me Remind You.”

Sugarland Tour rehearsal

However, there is one major change between the two that occurred during Sugarland’s hiatus.

“The biggest significant change is that Jennifer’s a mom now, Kristian shared with the industry crowd “And parenting screws with all your priorities in the best possible way. So we have those conversations now, where we didn’t have those before.”

“It’s a stronger bond in that way. Also we were very pleased to find—we didn’t know when we walked back in the room together for the first time to write—we didn’t know in terms of what the energy and what that flow was going to feel like. Luckily it was very much—especially in terms of the creative language that we had with each other—was very much right there, which inspired “Still the Same,” the song itself.”

The Still the Same Tour kicks off Friday, May 4 in Durant, Oklahoma. Opening acts on the first leg of the tour will be Brandy Clark and Clare Bowen, while Frankie Ballard and Lindsay Ell will accompany the pair for the second half.

Sugarland perform during tour rehearsal