Sundance Head Shares Advice for “The Voice” Contestants (and Reveals the Secret to His Beard)


Sundance Head, winner of season 11 on “The Voice,” has some pointed advice for those currently competing on the show.

“You have to trust your own intuition,” he told One Country. “You get to a certain point where everyone is telling you what you need to do and get lost. You forget why you’re there. The reason you’re there is because of your abilities and the choices you’ve made. Consult yourself first. It’s hard to do when there are so many people.”

And, of course, we couldn’t miss the chance to ask how he keeps his beard looking good. While he tried to credit two-in-one shampoo with its luster, he finally gave up his secret.

“My wife has this crazy oil,” he said. “Argan oil? It smells really good.”