Tanya Tucker Writes Open Letter Against Zoo After Disturbing Visit

Tanya Tucker Open Letter to Zoo
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She’s talented, rowdy, sassy, outspoken, and fun as heck and Tanya Tucker is also a huge animal lover, and now she’s speaking out against an industry that is in dire need of regulation.

During a recent visit to a roadside zoo in Wisconsin, Tanya was excited to see “Tanya”—an endangered majestic Bengal tiger who was, apparently, named for the “Delta Dawn” singer. What she saw was an animal who appeared to be injured and not receiving care.

And this is just one of the many atrocities she witnessed.

In an open letter, she wrote of a stench “so overwhelming, it took our breath away.” She said the animals didn’t have fresh, clean water or sufficient and appropriate nutrition.

“The pitiful Siberian bears were sitting in and surrounded by mounds of their own feces,” she wrote. “In addition, the lions—also endangered species—were confined in a very small cage. There was some food in the cage, that zoo staff told me was raw meat, but it did not look like meat, and the lions did not touch it the entire time I was there.”

Tanya went on to say, “I play a lot of concerts in Wisconsin. I love its warm friendly people and I believe if they knew what was going on, they wouldn’t tolerate it. I know what I saw, and it needs changing.”

Tanya has now partnered with the Animal Legal Defense Fund to launch an investigation into this facility, but others do exist.

To find out how you can get involved with saving these animals or providing hospice care for them, go to ALDF.org

Tanya Tucker writes open letter to Zoo in Wisconsin

Tanya Tucker writes open letter to Zoo in Wisconsin