Taylor Alexander Took Cher’s “Believe” and Turned It Into a Country Music Classic on “The Voice” (And Brought Adam Levine to Tears)

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Before you watch Taylor Alexander wow Adam Levine beyond comprehension on “The Voice,” you have to see the original tune.

Alexander took Cher’s 1998 dance-pop-electronic-auto-tuned hit and turned it into a full-fledged country music song.

As Alexander was singing, Levine immediately recognized what was happening. The other coaches eventually figured it out– after Levine told them several times.

Levine ended up being the only judge that turned around, but it’s likely because he was so excited no one else would’ve won him over.

“You are so weird and wonderful,” Levine told Alexander.

Alicia Keys threw on the praise too, “That was awesome. I love flipping songs like that too. That was really cool. None of us were as quick as Adam to recognize. Congratulations, I love that mixture.”