Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour Puts the Singer in a League of Her Own


Whether you were in the front row or the nosebleed seats, Taylor Swift made every person attending her Nissan Stadium Reputation tour Saturday night (Aug. 25) feel like they were the only people in the room.

Taylor captivated over 55,000 Nashville fans by opening her show with her 2017 hit “…Ready For It?” and judging by the decibel level in the stadium, the Swifties were ready.

It was the first time Taylor had ever headlined Nissan stadium in her hometown of Nashville, recalling her memories of moving to Music City.

“I moved to Nashville when I was 13. I remember my first memories of this stadium was when my mom and I got tickets to CMA Fest. We were watching CMA Fest and we were watching everyone play in the stadium. I just remember thinking, ‘That’s the biggest place anyone could play.’ It was incomprehensible to me that anyone would ever play in that stadium because it’s just such a massive place to play. Then years later, I was lucky enough to actually play a 15-20 minute set at CMA Fest in this stadium. I was like, ‘that’s it, that’s the peak, that’s the best it’s ever gonna get.’

“So tonight is the first time I’m headlining this stadium and I’m so ready for you guys. You have no idea. This means so much to me. It means so much to my family, my friends—this is our hometown show. We appreciate you so much for being here and allowing us to get to play this massive gorgeous stadium.”

It was then that Taylor broke into a string of hits including “Gorgeous,” “Style,” “Love Story,” “Look What You Made Me Do,” “End Game” and “King of My Heart.” The former country singer threw everything but the kitchen sink at her audience — from fire explosions and fireworks to confetti and overgrown blowup snakes, putting on more than just a concert but a full scale production spectacle.

Even with bombs bursting in air, it was hard to take your eyes off Taylor herself, who’s image was displayed on several big screens throughout the stadium. The Grammy winner’s facial expressions alone mesmerized the thousands of fans, who were singing every single word to her songs.

Taylor swift stage
Photo by Lisa Konicki

Ever the entertainer, Taylor made sure to reach all the fans in the stadium by moving to the back corners of the venue to perform the crowd pleasing “Shake it Off,” “Better Man,” “Blank Space,” “Dress” and “Bad Blood.”

But it was when Taylor introduced country music royalty to the stage that the crowd went crazy. As Taylor began to perform her debut single, “Tim McGraw,” a song she admitted she hadn’t played in a long time, Faith Hill took the stage. With the crowd on their feet, Taylor and Faith sang the first verse. It was then that she brought out “the actual Tim McGraw,” who rose through the stage for his entrance.

The night ended with mega hits “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and the oh-so infectious “This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.” With not one fan left seated, fireworks lit up the Nashville skyline. Taylor thanked her loyal Swifties saying, “In the last 15 years everyone else has realized that Nashville is just the best place in the world. To be perfectly honest with you this tour has been the most fun I’ve had in my entire life.”

You can be sure a sold out Nissan stadium crowd would second that emotion.