Scott Borchetta Says You Can Expect New Taylor Swift Music “At Some Point,” Which is Not Good Enough For Me

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When Taylor Swift was 14-years-old there weren’t a lot of record executives trying to sign her. Save Scott Borchetta, the President/CEO of Big Machine Label Group. Swift was the first artist Borchetta signed in 2005 and well, you know the rest.

Borchetta recently told “E! News” two things about Swift’s new music and when it’s coming– sometime, maybe, but he doesn’t even really know. And– the first rule of Taylor club? Don’t talk about Taylor club.

Listen, I get it– continually putting out music that is well-received critically and commercially is tough. But, we’re talking about Taylor Swift here. Remember when iTunes in Canada accidentally uploaded 8 seconds of white noise and it went to No. 1 on the charts? People are going to buy it, no matter what it is. Taylor could re-mix “Tim McGraw” with “Welcome to New York” and call it “Tim McGraw, Welcome to New York” and it would when a GRAMMY. She’s just that good.

At what point does her label head say, “Taylor, the people need you”? Because I’m ready for that to happen.

Taylor, I need you. The radio needs you.