Taylor Swift is Practicing Her Old Acoustic Songs, Which Means One Thing…


Right now there are a lot of people on the Internet trying to convince themselves that Taylor Swift is going to drop a surprise album before the end of the month. Others are trying to convince people that she is not, no way, no how dropping a surprise album before the end of the month.

I’m just over here trying to remind everybody that the 50th Annual CMA Awards are on November 2 and she is a two-time Entertainer of the Year, so why wouldn’t she show up?

Taylor is playing her first gig in quite some time this weekend in Austin. It could coincide with the announcement of her surprise album, which will take her back home to Nashville, where she will try to convince country music fans she still loves them.

Why do I think this? Because she’s sitting around practicing “Fifteen” on an acoustic guitar.

It could happen.


Technically, this is a country song too.