14-Year-Old Tegan Marie Tackles National Anthem For Detroit Lions Home Game


There’s no place like home. That’s what Tegan Marie was feeling when she returned to her home state of Michigan to perform the National Anthem at the Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears game at Ford Field in Detroit on Saturday (Dec. 16).

“We’re here at Ford Field in Detroit Michigan,” Tegan told One Country during a Facebook Live chat prior to the game. “I’m from Michigan so it’s a pretty big deal. I’m singing the National Anthem at the Lions vs. Bears game. It’s going to be a pretty big game because they’re rivals.”

Tegan was decked out in her home team’s colors–blue and silver–for her performance in front of sold-out Detroit crowd of 65,872, bringing good luck to the Lions as they defeated the Bears 20-10.

In addition to performing the national anthem, this was the first Lions game that Tegan had attended. The 14-year-old cheered her team on to victory and one step closer to a playoff spot. While on site, Tegan was treated to the a tour of the stadium. While meeting the players was not able to happen, she did get to meet the cheeleaders for a fun-filled day.

The Michigan native took to Instagram to share her excitement of the day saying, “HONORED TO SING THE ANTHEM! 🎤”

What an honor indeed.

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