The Band Perry Took Their Latest New Look and Sound to “The Tonight Show” and We Still Have Questions

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After months of staying in the dark to work on new music and rebrand for the third time in 18 months, The Band Perry put their new sound (pop) and look (dark) on full-display for Jimmy Fallon and “The Tonight Show.”

The first live television performance of “Stay In The Dark” was dark, with the trio setting up on a mini platform in front of Fallon’s audience with dancers holding individual spotlights in lieu of a lighting director.

It’s hard to deny that the three Perry siblings have some big-time talent, it’s just also hard to decide what all these changes are all about.

If you go back and listen to the group’s biggest hits, has their sound really changed all that much? It’s a little more produced and a little less Grand Ole Opry, but weren’t they pushing country music boundaries in the first place?