The Band Perry’s Reid Perry Is Bored and Playing With Knives and I’m Starting to Worry

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For about a year or so now, people have been wondering what’s going on with The Band Perry. I adore the group. Their first album is still one of my favorites. But after the pictures Reid just on social media, I’m starting to worry.

I know that they’ve left country music, but I’m probably always going to follow their careers because they are awesome people. I’ve interviewed them several times with the first being one of my all-time favorite interviews. We toured Grammy Museum in Los Angeles and chatted outside the Staples Center when they were on tour with Alan Jackson. They were sweet. They were passionate. They are some of my favorite people.

In early 2017, they debuted the lyric video for “Stay in the Dark” and I’ll admit I didn’t get it. It was dark. Honestly, I’m having the same reaction to Reid’s “bored” pics which were apparently taken by his brother Neil.

Hey, guys, I’m here if you need to talk. Really.