The Band Perry’s Lyric Video for “Stay In The Dark” is Truly Terrifying

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Well, so, The Band Perry is serious about this whole confusing, dark thing.

The siblings recently released a lyric video for their latest single “Stay In The Dark.” The song doesn’t suck, but this lyric video is a little much for kids and even most adults.

I grew up in Arkansas and during history class I learned about a group of a group of vigilantes called the Baldknobbers. They were around the Branson area after the Civil War.

You can read about them somewhere else, but they dressed just like the dancers in this new video from The Band Perry.

There’s no way I can ever watch this video all the way through every again without making this connection. Even if you’ve never seen a photo of the Baldknobbers, you could probably find something creepy in this video. The dancers look like very smooth and fluid bank robbers, but after they robbed the bank took off their clothes in the getaway car.