The Band Perry is Getting Weirder, As They Re-Brand AGAIN

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It’s been quite an interesting 18 months or so for The Band Perry and it just got even more interesting.

The trio of siblings has re-branded again, but this time they’ve wiped their social accounts clean of any trace of their past aesthetics. Mostly– they’ve wiped away years worth of tweets, but left most of their old Facebook posts.

In a note to fans, The Band Perry confirmed they’ve completed their first official pop album and revealed yet another new round of looks. This is somewhat surprising considering their last big reveal came in late 2016. This is early 2017. For three people to evolve so much in a short period of time is interesting– even if the record label wanted it.

What’s going on with The Band Perry?

If The Band Perry wants to make a pop album– so be it, but seriously– dramatically changing your look every time the wind blows is somewhat concerning.

The music? It isn’t bad. So, really– what’s going on?