Maren Morris Sends Message to #TeamBlake’s Dallas Caroline and Spensha Baker After Performance of “I Could Use a Love Song”

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I go back and forth on how I feel about the battle rounds on “The Voice.” Part of me loves them and the other part of me thinks they’re a little unfair. Your coach pairs you up with another member of your team and selects your song choice for you– most of the time, it’s a song you’d never pick for yourself.

Though Blake Shelton loves having his team members sing country songs, I was a little surprised when he wanted Dallas Caroline and Spensha Baker to sing “I Could Use A Love Song” by Maren Morris. I love the song itself, but it’s not one that you’d think to use for a singing competition.

Truth be told, I feel like the girls kind of got robbed on this one. It was clear that Dallas Caroline was nervous, and while Spensha Baker had more control over her voice, it wasn’t a great song choice for her either.

Spensha ended up winning the battle, and luckily Dallas was stolen by Alicia Keys so she’ll remain in the competition.

Even Maren herself said the song is hard to sing. “Amazing job, ladies. That’s not an easy song to sing, and I wrote the dang thing! Both did so well and made it your own,” she said in a Tweet.