The Wreckers Reunited for One Night in Nashville and Now We Need More

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Some albums become more than just a collection of songs. Some albums embody a place and time and it’s unique to you. That’s how I feel about The Wreckers album. Unfortunately, there is only one Wreckers album and to me it embodies the first few years post college, when you’re finally an adult but starting to realize how good you had it as a kid.

On August 13, 2017, Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp reunited for the first time in seven years and all those emotions came flooding back.

The pair came together during a previously planned solo show for Michelle — which was promoting her new album Hopeless Romantic — for the first time in almost a decade. And the fans were thrilled. The show began with Michelle’s hits — like “All You Wanted” and “You Get Me” — before she introduced her former bandmate.

It wasn’t flawless — Jessica turned to the crowd and said “Hey, it’s been 10 years” — but it was authentic and a true treat to anyone who loved their music. First, they played “Tennessee”:

Before going into their No. 1 hit, “Leave the Pieces”:

With both performances they reminded us how good they were together.

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now if only @destinyschild would reunite. #thewreckers

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