Thomas Rhett Has a Musical Message for His Daughter’s Future Suitors


There’s no question that Thomas Rhett is a proud father of his two beautiful daughters, Willa Gray and Ada James. When he and Lauren realized their third baby was also a girl, he may have had his fingers crossed for a boy, but it’s obvious, he’s already in love.

It’s also obvious that any future gentlemen that wish to court any of his little princesses are going to have to truly be gentlemen. And, in case you were wondering how this country music daddy decides if you fit the description, he’s put it all into an adorable song that he wrote with his dad, hit singer and songwriter Rhett Akins, “To the Guys That Date My Girls.”

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A fan at Thomas Rhett’s show in Kansas City captured video of the young father singing the new song, a musical checklist for future boyfriends, to his oldest daughter, Willa Gray:

To the guys that date my girls, let’s get one thing straight / When you pick them up, show up early / When you bring them home, don’t be late / Mind your manners around their mama, boys / Yeah, for what it’s worth / If you want to get their hearts,” he sings.

The song isn’t without a touch of humor, too, though. In the second verse, Thomas sings:

When you pull her close / Leave some room for Jesus Because you ever cross that line, I swear, / Boy, you’re gonna need Him.

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Of course, the tearjerker line of the song is in the chorus:

“When you take their hand remember / You’re holding my whole world / Just a friendly reminder to the guys who date my girls.”

We’re betting Thomas will be singing that song at three weddings…years down the road.