Is Thomas Rhett More Fashionable Than Drake?

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If 2017 seemed like a somewhat shocking year to you, with new and different news coming at you from every angle possible, buckle up, because it isn’t over yet.

GQ Magazine, is currently conducting its search for the Most Stylish Man of 2017. There are four divisions– Modern Menswear (which is, clothes made post-2016?), Swerving Hard Division (which is, clothes that make your grandfather would be repulsed by), The Suited Man (which is men who only wear suits?) and Streetwear Division (which is, clothes you can only wear outside, while walking on the street?).

The crazy thing is that Thomas Rhett, country music’s answer to Justin Timberlake, is up against Drake in the Streetwear division. But, before digging into that, look at a couple of the other match-ups.

Jonah Hill is considered fashionable? Maybe, more like, this photo of Jonah Hill is really him at his most fashionable? Maybe in the thriftwear division!

Okay, sure, Kevin Hart looks great here, but he’s wearing a suit and he’s supposed to go against Kanye West and the photo of him shows him wearing casual dad clothes from his Yeezy line. They aren’t the same.

Which brings us to Thomas Rhett and Drake. Yes, Drake. First off, the blurb about the two is minorly offensive, “2017 was a year so weird that even the sight of a streetwear-loving country music star didn’t phase us…. Rhett might not seem like tough competition for the rapper (who also boasts a deal with Jordan brand), but like we said, 2017 has been a weird one.”

I’m all for a backwards compliment time and again, but this one was a little much.

TR could take Jonah Hill and Kanye West, but is he really in the same category as Drake? They do kind of dress alike, in the sense that they both wear clothes, mainly a lot of bomber-type jackets and sneakers. They also both hang out with their dads a lot.

And Rhett Akins definitely doesn’t dress like Drake’s dad.

If you want to vote for TR, check out