Thomas Rhett Celebrates Wife Lauren’s Birthday Taking Big Chances

Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins celebrate her 30th birthday on vacation
Photo courtesy Thoma Rhett Instagram

Thomas Rhett has often said that his wife, Lauren Akins, is the daredevil in the family. In any of the photos the couple shares on social media where they seem perched in a precarious situation, Thomas has done it at his wife’s urging. Apparently, to celebrate Lauren’s 30th birthday, it’s go big or go home for Thomas.

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The couple, along with daughters Willa Gray and Ada James, as well as Thomas and Lauren’s parents and siblings, traveled to Moab, Utah for the milestone birthday and in photos on all of their social pages, there has been plenty of bonding, hiking and enjoying the spectacular views.

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However, things got a little wilder when they decided to take the exploration to four-wheels. Navigating the rough terrain of area landmarks that bear names like Hell’s Gate and Hell’s Revenge, the families rode in Jeeps up and down steep inclines, straddling wide crevices and rolling over bumps and holes that were best taken one tire at a time.

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But Thomas wasn’t content to simply ride in a Jeep. For part of the tour, he got behind the wheel to take one of the vehicles up one of the inclines with an experienced driver coaching him from the top.

If you’re wondering where Lauren was when all of this was happening, in T-Rhett’s Instagram stories, it sounds like her laughing and bouncing along on the ride. However, it sounds like Willa Gray and AJ stayed back at basecamp.