Thomas Rhett is On 24/7 Ice Cream Duty During Wife Lauren’s Pregnancy


As Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren get ready to welcome their second baby girl into the world in just a matter of days, (assuming she arrives on or about her due date, which is August 8th), TR’s also making sure Lauren has everything she needs– ice cream.

Thomas shared, “Ice cream is her normal life craving and it’s intensified when she’s pregnant. So we always keep our freezer pretty stocked full of different flavors of ice cream. But I just feel bad for her, like I know how uncomfortable she is and how ready she is to just have the baby. So there’s nothing much I can do about that except be a support system.”

Thomas, who will release his brand new single, “Unforgettable,” has been a great support system. Besides keeping Lauren well stocked in ice cream, he’s been pampering her with foot rubs and running her baths, which they’ve both been documenting on Instagram.