Thomas Rhett Can’t Stop Filming As Wife Lauren Struggles To Get Up On Her Skis And We Can’t Stop Laughing


It was only a few days ago that Thomas Rhett got his leg stuck in the snow and needed a little help from his wife Lauren. Turns out that now TR has to return the favor and help Lauren.

While the couple was vacationing with friends and family in Telluride, Colorado, they spent a lot of time in the snow. The problem is, they both keep getting stuck. And lucky for us, they both love to capture their incidents on camera before lending a helping hand.

This time around, Lauren had her own mishap as she was skiing down the mountain. Seems like the mother of two took a spill, landing her squarely in the midst of a group of trees. That only meant that it was Thomas Rhett’s turn to post a video of Lauren struggling to get up.

“Help me,” Lauren shouts in the video.

“I’m coming. Let me video you first,” TR laughs. “A few more seconds.”

TR also had a joke to make in the caption alongside the video post. “The Winter Olympics are only 4 years away,” he said. There’s still hope for Lauren. Lindsey Vonn has nothing on her.

In addition to the crash, Lauren also shared that at some point during the trip she dropped her pole while riding the ski lift. She and TR ended up having to hike in waist deep snow to retrieve it. Seems like their vacations are more exhausting than relaxing.

“Somehow appearing to not look out of breath at all after skiing down a rogue run to hike the mountain in waist deep snow to retrieve my pole I so gracefully dropped off the lift,” Lauren wrote.Β  #worthit #actuallyprobnot-whatever, we got a cute pic of us alone in the snowy woods bc of it.”

It all started when Lauren captured TR’s spill on camera. We should all have as much fun as TR and Lauren do together.