Thomas Rhett’s New Video For “Remember You Young” Will Bring a Tear to Your Eye


Was it on purpose? Or was it a happy accident that led Thomas Rhett to make the music video for his current hit single, “Remember You Young,” into a sequel to his heartbreaking (or was it) music video for “Marry Me.”

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Fans will recall that the “Marry Me” video followed the story of unrequited love being told in the song. A young man watches the woman he cares most about as she prepares to marry someone else. But in a surprise twist, as he ditches the wedding at the last minute and sits in a diner, the bride-to-be shows up in her wedding dress.

And, scene!

Yes, Thomas Rhett and his directors cut the story there, leaving the question: what happened next?

Now we know! SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen it yet, grab a tissue.

The music video takes us forward to an older gentleman looking back at his life with the beautiful woman he was destined to be with. On a journey to an unspecified destination, he stops along the way at landmarks in the couple’s relationship, reflecting on their carefree, youthful days. When he arrives at his destination — a breathtaking hilltop vista – he steps out of the car to join a stunning silver-haired woman at the crest.

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As the camera circles them side-by-side, we see them in their youth, then in their senior years. But in a final pass, the gentleman is alone holding an urn close to his heart, implying that his wife has passed and this hilltop will be her final resting place.

You might need more than one tissue.