Thomas Rhett Describes The Sweetest Thing Willa Gray Has Done For Her Little Sister


Any parent will tell you that toddlers have to learn to be gentle. Their default state is loud and wild and they don’t always understand that babies need quiet and soft. Thomas Rhett has two daughters, one a newborn. His older daughter, Willa Gray, likes to play and have fun, but she has watched how Mom and Dad rock her little sister. She took that observation to heart when she held her sister creating, what Thomas Rhett called, the sweetest moment between his two girls.

Rhett sat down with Ty, Kelly and Chuck in studio this morning at the NASH Campus in Nashville to discuss all things fatherhood and music. Rhett shared the most unexpected part of parenthood for him: dinner time is playtime for kids. It sounds messy.

He went on to describe his new music and talked about one song in particular called, “Marry Me.” When Rhett posted his track listing, people went nuts over the song, commenting on it with heart-eyed emojis and saying things like, “I can’t wait for this to be my wedding song”

“They’re going to be very disappointed when they hear that [song],” Rhett said. “It is the complete opposite of a love song. This song, although does not pertain to my life today, but it easily could have if I had not gone up to Lauren and told her how I had felt for so long…If I had never said anything to her I definitely would have been in a black suit at her wedding watching her marry somebody else.”

So, in short, don’t play “Marry Me” at a wedding unless you’re at the wedding of the one who got away.