Thomas Rhett Unknowingly Helped a Guy Propose During His Meet and Greet

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At the Winstock Country Music Festival in Winsted, Minnesota over the weekend, country music artist Thomas Rhett unknowingly helped one of his fans pull off one of the most epic proposals of all time. What started out as a seemingly normal meet and greet quickly spiraled into something more sweet, surprising in romantic when Thomas’ fan Dan bent down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend Ashley.

“This woman, I’ve been dating her two and a half years, she’s in the U.S. army, she’s a specialist. I appreciate her spunk…” Dan said to a clueless Thomas. “And for the last two and a half years, I’ve been the happiest man in the world…”

And at the exact moment Dan was about to take a knee and pull out the ring, Thomas jumped in saying, “I feel like he should propose right now,” before backing away saying, “Oh, shit. This is happening.”