Thomas Rhett Releases Nostalgic New Single, “Remember You Young” [Listen]

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Thomas Rhett new single Remember You Young
Photo by Tammie Arroyo /

When Thomas Rhett released his newest album, Center Point Road, he promised listeners that what they would hear in the collection of music is nostalgia. And while the album does take fans on a journey through the magical milestones that make up a life well-lived, TR accomplishes that promise of “nostalgia” in one song—his newest release, “Remember You Young.”

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The rolling waltz is simultaneously pensive in content and joyful in arrangement as Thomas shares glimpses of various relationships in his life, from his buddies, to his wife, to his children, and how he will remember them the most and best when they were young, carefree, and innocent.

“We wrote this song about the people in life that we love, and always remembering them in their youth no matter how much time passes and we all change,” Thomas Rhett says. “There’s something sentimental about remembering your very best friends who have real jobs and families now tearing it up in college, or picturing me and my wife with no cares at the Tin Roof back in Knoxville. I love that the last verse is a bit of twist with it all coming full circle. It actually makes me emotional…it’s easily one of my favorite tracks on the album.”

Co-written with his pals Ashley Gorley and Jesse Frasure, the journey continues right up to the pearly gates when Thomas prays that God remembers him young.

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“Yeah, I hope when we get to heaven / He looks at us all like we’re kids / Shameless and painless and perfect and ageless / Forgives all the wrong that we did,” he sings.

Thomas Rhett most definitely has a knack for capturing moments in his life and making them relatable for anyone who listens, and “Remember You Young” is no exception to that precedence.