Thomas Rhett Spends the Day with Shaq in Nashville [Watch]


NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal spent some time in Nashville recently and Thomas Rhett proved an affable tour guide. While Shaq is surely used to crowds of adoring fans wherever he goes, he learned the hard way that TR might be more popular than him.

In a four-minute clip, Shaq met Thomas for lunch at local taco establishment, bartaco. While country fans begged TR for photos Shaq looked on. Visibly left out, he asked patrons if anyone wanted a selfie with him to which they all turned him down.

“I thought I was the biggest star in Nashville,” Shaq reasoned. “I’m not. This guy is.”

A country music fan himself, Shaq asks TR if he could show him around Music City. The singer more than obliges, ordering him food at bartaco. Shaq informs him that he’ll be opening his own restaurant in Las Vegas called The Big Chicken. While it’s a chicken themed restaurant, TR learns hot chicken won’t be on the menu as Shaq is not a fan of spicy foods.

Following lunch, the guys head to Backyard Axe Throwing League for some friendly competition. While Shaq misses his first throw, Thomas comes in strong and gains three points after hitting his target. Perhaps Shaq was easing into it or trying to set TR up for failure, but he slowly caught up with a bullseye on his next throw much to the singer’s surprise.

With a total of five throws, Thomas was the predicted winner out of the gate. Soon enough, Shaq upped his game though. Down by four points with one last throw, Shaq needed a bullseye to beat the country singer. Did he achieve it? Watch below to find out.

Shaq Vs. Thomas Rhett: Battle of the Axes

Shaquille O' Neal and country music star, Thomas Rhett face off in an axe-throwing competition in Nashville. There’s only room for one champion in this town!

Posted by Big Chicken Shaq on Wednesday, October 10, 2018