Thomas Rhett Shaves Off His Beard While in Quarantine

Thomas Rhett shaves off beard during quarantine
Photo by Curtis Hilbun /

Since Thomas Rhett became a country music superstar, he’s had that gorgeous mop of dark hair and a face full of whiskers in various forms and fashions, but cabin fever makes you do some strange things and for him, it was eliminating some hair.

Yes, while many men are taking this break to let their hair grow — head and facial. We’ve seen a variety of mustaches come and go, and beards reaching new levels of scruff. And all of the dos have pretty much come “undid” with salons deemed non-essential during this time of quarantine. But not T-Rhett.

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In a new post on his Instagram page, the father of three little girls shows a new fresh-faced photo without his beard. “First time in 5 years I’ve shaved my beard off,” he writes. “I immediately feel 10 years younger.”

He looks ten years younger, too.

Opinions on Thomas’ new look were split in the comments. Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley told him, “Well we’re all about to age 10 years from the stress of this so that’s a good start to combat it.”

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Pal Chuck Wicks riffed on T-Rhett’s recent hit single, “I’ll always remember you young TR.” And Midland’s Mark Wystrach added, “Miss the mustache.” However, Thomas Rhett’s mother- in-law, Lisa, told him, “I love it❤️ @thomasrhettakins.”

In his defense, others are shaving their entire heads and faces under the assumption that they will have plenty of time to grow it back while in isolation.