Thomas Rhett Top 10 Songs

Thomas Rhett top 10 songs
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It’s hard not to love Thomas Rhett and it’s even harder not to love his catalog of songs.

It’s this catalog of songs that has made Rhett the ideal candidate to reach country music legendary status in the coming years. Not only does he have a slew of his collection of trophies from the Country Music Association, Academy of Country Music, Billboard Music Awards and CMT Music Awards, but he also has a slew of hits worthy of praise.

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Here are just some of them:

10. Craving You (featuring Maren Morris)

It was April of 2017 when Rhett teamed with then rising star Maren Morris for the song “Craving You,” a song that tells that all too common story of addictive love. Featured on Rhett’s third studio album Life Changes, “Craving You” was written by Dave Barnes and Julian Bunetta and reached the top spot in July 0f 2017.

Not only was the song incredibly catchy, but the music video was interesting to say the least. Resembling somewhat of a movie trailer, the music video starred both Rhett and Morris involved in a bank heist.


9. Get Me Some of That

Rhett started showing off more of his sexy side in 2013 when he released “Get Me Some of That.” All of a sudden, the kid with the beard and the ball cap was transforming into one of country music’s hottest young stars at the time via the chart-topper of a song that was actually co-written by none other than his dad Rhett Akins.

This sexy side was also on display in the music video, which was directed by TK McKamy and debuted in December of 2013.


8. Look What God Gave Her

In 2019, country music fans were officially infatuated with not only Rhett, but his amazing wife Lauren and their dear children Ada James and Willa Gray. And it was this infatuation that Rhett touched on in his song “Look What God Gave Her.” Heck, even the music video featured his adorable little family along with a slew of other inspirational women.

Written by Rhett, Julian Bunetta, Josh Ryan, Jacob Kasher and Ammar Malik, “Look What God Gave Her” was the first single off his fourth studio album Center Point Road. And yes, it became the best selling country digital song on the week of its release in February of 2019.

7. Sixteen

There has always been something about the way Rhett is able to sing about days gone by and make us feel like he is talking straight to us – the fans. And he did that again with “Sixteen,” a heart tugger of a song that reminds us of those golden years when you were always wishing to be a little older, a little wiser, a little luckier.

Written by Rhett, Sean Douglas and Joe Spargur, “Sixteen” was the fifth single off of the Georgia native’s third studio album Life Changes and ended up reaching the coveted number one spot in January of 2019. It was his 12th number one of his career.

6. Remember You Young

Within the lyrics of “Remember You Young,” Rhett served up a melancholy reminder to all of us that we were all young once. And if you are one of those lucky people who can listen to the entirety of this song without tearing up, well then…more power to you.

Because this one is a heartbreaker.

Released in July of 2019 off his fourth studio album Center Point Road, “Remember You Young” was written by Rhett, Ashley Gorley and Jesse Frasure and would end up giving the reigning ACM Awards “Male Artist of the Year” his 14thcareer number one hit.


5. Life Changes

If you happened to be a casual fan of Rhett back in 2018 and you needed a summary of what life had been like off the road for the Georgia native, all you had to do was head to the lyrics of “Life Changes.”

That song contained all the answers you would need.

The lyrical puzzle formulated by Rhett, Rhett Akins, Ashley Gorley and Jesse Frasure turned into one of the sweetest songs in Rhett’s growing catalog and gave him his 11th career number one before 2018 was through.


4. T-Shirt

We’ve all been there. Sitting on a patio overlooking a parking lot and then heading on over to his or her place…and next thing you are in a t-shirt with your hair messed up like a Guns & Roses video.

It happens people.

And it’s this reality that Rhett turned into a hit back in 2016. Written by Ashley Gorley, Luke Laird and Shane McAnally and serving as the third single off his second studio album Tangled Up, “T-Shirt” gave the country hit maker his sixth consecutive number one.


3. It Goes Like This

With a sexy drum-filled backbeat and an equally sexy vocal drawl from none other than Rhett, “It Goes Like This” was released in May of 2013 as the third single from his debut album by the same name. Written by Ben Hayslip, Jimmy Robbins and Rhett’s father Rhett Akins, coincidentally the song was written about…writing a song.

And it worked.

This song served as Rhett’s very first number one hit, following his top 20 hits “Something to Do with My Hands” and “Beer with Jesus.”


2. Make Me Wanna

Rhett was at his carefree best back in 2014 when he released “Make Me Wanna,” a song that had a disco downbeat that was somewhat irresistible. Written by Rhett, Bart Butler and Larry McCoy, “Make Me Wanna” served as the fifth single from Rhett’s debut album It Goes Like This and went to prove that this Georgia native was going nowhere but up within the country music industry.

Adding to the appeal of the song was its music video that had Rhett walking from scene to scene in his already storybook life of professional and personal success…and miraculously changing clothes like magic.

Critics accused this song of being ‘candy-coated.’

But it made us feel good.

And in the long run, isn’t that all that matters?


1. Die a Happy Man

It was nothing short of inevitable that “Die a Happy Man” ended up taking the top spot on a rundown of Rhett’s greatest hits. And for good reason. Not only did it make history on the charts, it made Rhett a household name just by him letting us in on his personal life.

The song, which was written by Rhett along with Sean Douglas and Joe Spargur, began its reign on the Hot Country Songs chart in November of 2015, and would continue that reign at the top for seventeen weeks. But more importantly, this song told Rhett’s very own love story, a love story that the whole country fell in love with. Heck, even Rhett’s wife Lauren became a star thanks to this song.

The fact is that the world saw their greatest love story in the love story of Thomas and Lauren, and it would be this love story that would ignite countless more songs in the future.

And as of this very moment, the music video has been viewed over 207 million times.