Thomas Rhett Loves “Helping People Pretend Like They’re On Vacation” with His Latest Single

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Country music sensation Thomas Rhett‘s latest single “Vacation” has been a hit song for much longer than you probably realize. Before the 26-year-old artist released the track, or even the album, he was playing the song at stops along Jason Aldean’s Set This Circus Down Tour.

“The fact that it went over so well live was the reason that I wanted to put it out as a single in the first place. ‘Cause we had been playing it since January of this year and the record came out in September and so honestly, I was a little bit nervous to put it in the show, just curious how it would have gone over live,” he told BMLG. “Since the beginning, even watching kids’ faces that don’t even know the words, they’re just rocking to it. I think there’s something about the melody that just makes you feel good.”

His favorite thing about the song is its ability to transport listeners somewhere else and “help people pretend like they’re on vacation.”