Thomas Rhett Lovingly Calls Out Wife Lauren For Asking Silly Question

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Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren are a very relatable couple. The husband and wife team have been sharing family moments, silly moments and downright laughable moments with their fans that many have also experienced.

This particular moment is no exception. TR took to social media to share with his fans a silly moment that Lauren found herself in. Lauren, obviously doesn’t want TR to share the story, but her hubby just couldn’t resist. “This is too good,” he captioned the video.

Who can’t relate to wanting to embarrass your spouse?

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The couple were at home watching the NBC drama “This is Us” when TR decided to shoot a little video sharing a question his wife asked him during the show.

“So we’re watching ‘This is Us’ right now. And Lauren just asked me if…” TR said in the video, as Lauren is lying on the couch yelling for him to not tell.  “…If Pittsburgh was in Massachusetts,” he continued as Lauren attacks him to cover his mouth.

But alas, TR got his message across even though he was being tackeld and we can’t stop laughing. Is Pittsburgh in Massachusetts? Nice.

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This is too good

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