Thompson Square’s New Music is Exactly What We’ve Been Waiting For

Thompson Square performing new album
Photo by Lisa Konicki

It’s been 5 years since Thompson Square’s Shawna and Kiefer Thompson released a new album. All that’s about to change on June 1 when the couple release their newest project, Masterpiece. Five songs from the album are currently out and available now.

Tuesday night (April 3) the couple held a listening party at The Steps at WME in Nashville. Friends and industry folk gathered to get an advanced listen to what we will hear from the duo’s new offering.

“Thank you guys for having us,” Kiefer said from the stage. “We have so many good friends in the crowd tonight. You guys have really made a difference in our life and we are forever grateful for that. We hope you guys like the new music. On June 1st the rest of the record is out, five are out right now.”

Those five songs, of the album’s 11 new tracks, include the title track, “Let’s Do Something Stupid,” “A Love Like This,” “Millionaires” and “Up In Smoke.” Shawna and Kiefer ran through those tracks and finished up with the song that changed their lives, “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?”

In 2016, the duo took a break from the spotlight for the arrival of their first child, Cooper. They have since parted ways with their label, Stoney Creek Records, and will release Masterpiece as an independent duo.

“We’re just really, really excited about his new music and we did this album Masterpiece on our terms,” Kiefer continued. “The way we wanted to do it. It’s the most heartfelt, honest—the last three years of our life have been really crazy—a lot of that s**t comes out on this record.”