Tim McGraw Broke an Unspoken Instagram Rule By Posting 4 Times In One, But He Had a Great Reason

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Social media is currently packed with New Year’s resolutions and highlights from 2017. But not Tim McGraw. He is neither looking back nor thinking about what he wants to do, he’s living his best life right now. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have to make a resolution about your diet. I’ll just be over here on the treadmill.

The superstar “flew” into the New Year with his family on their 20-acre island in the Bahamas catching trophy fish and enjoying everything life has to offer. He also took time to thank fans for everything they have given him and to enjoy the simple beauty of life. It was everything NYE should be.

People get fussy when someone double-posts to Instagram– Tim had such a good day he quad-posted. I’m not complaining. Because, Tim McGraw is a legend and he can do what he wants. Literally. It’s Tim’s world, we’re just all living in it.

While crowds froze in Time Square, Tim jumped off a cliff in the sun. I know which one I’d choose.

Time Square, obviously. You won’t catch me jumping off a cliff.

He and his dad-beard then headed underwater to spear some huge hogfish and snappers.

He’s done this before.

Bahamian sling, eh? Nice. I prefer the Jamaican sling but to each his own.

Just look at this place. Unreal. But McGraw’s caption takes the cake.

Some may look at a house/island and think, “I did this.” McGraw is humble and thankful for everything he has been afforded. Everything is a gift.

I mean, c’mon. That sunset is insane.

A day fully worth a quad-post.