UPDATE: Video of Tim McGraw Before His Collapse Has Emerged // Tim McGraw Collapses on Stage at C2C Music Festival



Video from the Dublin show where Tim McGraw collapsed has surfaced. In the video you can see Tim walking around dazed as the spotlight goes out. When the light comes back on, Tim is being attended to by band members.  Tim’s camp has released a statement that the collapse was due to dehydration and the Tim will be OK. We wish him well.

Tim McGraw collapsed on stage Sunday night (March 11) during the C2C Music Festival in Dublin.

Reportedly, Tim had just finished singing his hit “Humble & Kind,” when he fell to his knees in front of the packed crowd.

A video surfaced of Faith Hill returning to the stage to let the fans know what was going on. “So Tim is fine. We’ve all been a little-dehydrated traveling so much. He’s been super dehydrated. I apologize, but I made the decision that he cannot come back out onstage,” she said to the crowd.

The audience cheered their approval before beginning a chant of, “Get well Tim” and “We love Tim.”

Following the superstar’s collapse, his camp confirmed the situation and issued a statement about his health.

“Tim McGraw was suffering from dehydration in Dublin this evening at the C2C show. He was attended to by local medical staff on-site and will be fine. He and Faith thank everyone for their love and support and look forward to seeing their Irish fans again soon.”

The couple traveled overseas to headline the C2C festival. Their first show took place on Friday March 9 in London, followed by a performance on March 10 in Glasgow and their final performance on Sunday March, 11 in Dublin.

The 50-year-old singer has time to rest up and drink some water before he’s back on the road May 31 in Richmond Va., for the Soul2Soul tour.