5 Iconic Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Duets, Ranked


Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been mending our hearts for the better part of 30 years. Through their smoldering duets, they illustrated the sheer power of love, and even though they were singing to each other, it was as if they were peering right into our soul. Shockingly, it took years for the two singers to team up for a full album of duets, and that’s where The Rest of Our Life (out now) comes into play, tapping into their strengths as storytellers and vocalists. Hill takes an especially centerstage role, which is refreshing given her long hiatus between her own solo albums.

Below, One Country ranks the pair’s most iconic duets from good to great.

5. “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s” (2014)

No would have predicted McGraw to make such a needed comeback. When songs like “Truck Yeah” and “Lookin’ for That Girl” didn’t quite stick, he made an about-face to deliver some of the best music of his career, including this traditional-bent stripe of nostalgia about reliving the good ‘ole days. Lifted from his full-player titled Sundown Heaven Town, also featuring “Shotgun Rider” and “Diamond Rings and Old Barstools,” even the airy arrangement makes you think of ice cold beer and mama’s home cooked meals.

4. “Like We Never Loved at All” (2005)

Hill steers the ship of this lonesome, teary-eyed ballad, detailing their breakup and attempts to move on. The production is appropriately luscious, and in the music video, they portray two well-known singers of the 1960s, balancing the paparazzi and their own war-torn emotions. “Did you forget the magic? Did you forget the passion?” Hill pleads, classic guitar piercing the arrangement into the bubbling climax.

3. “It’s Your Love” (1997)

You gotta hand it to ’em. McGraw and Hill mastered the sappy love ballads, from the impassioned lyrics down to the swooping production style. “It sends a shockwave right through me. I can’t get enough,” the duo confess on the sticky-sweet chorus of one of their most wonderful collaborations, off McGraw’s fourth studio album, Everywhere. If you don’t feel something, you just might be frozen.

2. “Let’s Make Love” (2000)

This Hot AC-ready, sultry and sweeping ballad will make you feel all sorts of things. There is just so much passion dripping from their vocals, and the music sits right on the skin. “Baby, I’ve been drifting away and dreaming all day of holding you, touching you / Only thing I want to do is be with you as close to you as I can be,” Hill coos on the first verse and setting the stage for one of the most iconic moments in country history. The cut is included on Hill’s record-selling solo album, Breathe, which spawned numerous other hits, including “The Way You Love Me.”

1. “I Need You” (2007)

If it wasn’t clear, they need each other like “a needle needs a vein,” drawing comparisons of love to addiction and religion. The arraignments are sparse, with a single guitar floating gently underneath them. In the visual, candles are scattered around them, heightening the sense of romance and intimacy. The stunning entry finds its home on McGraw’s ninth studio set, Let It Go.