9 Tim McGraw GIFs That Accurately Describe a Situation Every Woman Under 35 Has Experienced

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Tim McGraw has been around the block a time or two. He’s married, a father of three and a non-stop working dad, but that doesn’t mean he’s unrelatable.

He’s totally been there and done that.

9 Tim McGraw GIFs That Accurately Describe a Situation Every Woman Under 35 Has Experienced:

1. That time you made an online dating account and listed “hiking” under your hobbies, but you hate hiking and being outdoors.

2. That time your mom said you had to take a photo by yourself during family photos even though you’re an adult and then the photographer made you take your shoes off because “all the families are doing it.”

3. That time you went on “House Hunters” and had a $120,000 budget but really wanted a big kitchen, four bedrooms and a pool.

4. That time your grandmother said something and you didn’t really hear her, but then you were like, “wait, what?” because it was a little bit racist.

5. That time you were the only single adult at a kid’s birthday party and they all flocked to you because you had cash for ice cream.

6. That time you posted your old Glamour Shot on Instagram for #TBT and got the most likes ever.

7. That time your mom bought you a scarf for Christmas and it was not cute, but you had to wear it or she would totally make you feel terribly about it.

8. That time your dad made the “I’m not a doctor, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night” joke for the millionth time, but you still laughed because it’s better than when he does the “What’s upppppppppppp” from the Bud Light commercials.

9. That time you saw your best friend’s husband at a stop light and you gave him a really aggressive point instead of a dainty wave.