If Staring at This Photo of Tim McGraw and Two Fish is Wrong, We Don’t Want to Be Right

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Tim McGraw recently posted a picture of Faith Hill’s legs to Instagram. The photo was fuzzy and clearly taken from pretty far away. But, still, one could tell that Faith has some rockin’ legs and there’s a reason Tim still has it bad for her.


But, even though Faith looks good these days, Tim one-upped his own photo with a picture of himself and some fish. And this isn’t your normal dad goes fishing, catches two fish photo.

This is, super hot, 50-year-old, ripped as all-get-out dad goes fishing, catches two fish photo.

Not to mention, Tim’s tan has to be the envy of every woman who spent a decade in tanning beds before switching to weekly spray tans.

Next time, let’s just hope he drops the fish for the photo.