Tim McGraw Nailed This Dad Joke About Staying Hydrated After Collapsing On Stage Because of Dehydration

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Leave it to Tim McGraw to make a joke about his recent scary collapses on stage this past week. The singer is making sure to let fans know that he’s just fine.

Tim had a scare on March 11 when he fell to his knees on stage during a concert in Dublin. His wife, Faith Hill, immediately took the stage to assure fans that her husband was OK and he was suffering from dehydration.

Later that day, the superstars camp released a statement about his condition. “Tim McGraw was suffering from dehydration in Dublin this evening at the C2C show. He was attended to by local medical staff on-site and will be fine. He and Faith thank everyone for their love and support and look forward to seeing their Irish fans again soon.”

The 50-year-old singer took to Instagram to share his recovery. And he did it in a funny way. “Hydrating,” he captioned the photo. In the picture, Tim is under water spear fishing. Hence the term Hydrating. We’re not sure that’s what Faith meant when she said to hyrdate. But we’ll take it.