Never Forget: Nelly and Tim McGraw Made a Video for “Over and Over” and It’s Simply Magical


In September 2004, Nelly released “Over and Over” with a willing and able Tim McGraw featured on the track.

Previous to this collaborative masterpiece, Nelly had released four No. 1 singles and several Top 5 tracks. McGraw had released 18 No. 1 singles, including the biggest of his career, “Live Like You Were Dying” just months before.

According to reports, Nelly wanted McGraw on the song because, “He’s a badass, he’s got game, and he’s got a fine bitch!”

Can you imagine arguing with that logic?

The song was a massive hit, but the video left much to be desired.

The featurette begins and we see that the two superstars are not only leading parallel lives, they’re wearing equally terrible outfits. Yes, even McGraw is wearing pantyhose on his head while he sleeps.


Throughout the video we gets shots of Nelly and McGraw at home, but McGraw’s house looks more like a cabin, you know– country. Lots of wood.

But, just like you and me, these two superstars put on their giant belt buckles the same way– in front of photos of their fine ladies.


What’s most interesting is that the two super famous celebrities are on their way to catch seperate private planes and not only are they driving themselves, they both stop for gas. And pump it.

When it’s time to get on the plane, they’re both wearing leather jackets and carrying a small bag.

Before they submit to FAA regulations and turn off their Nokia phones, they both try to dial up someone, but they both seem to get the red button of doom.