Tim McGraw Releases Emotional New Video for “I Called Mama” [WATCH]

Tim Mcgraw new video I called mama
Photo by Tammie Arroyo / AFF-USA.COM

The calendar may say Mother’s Day has passed, but if you ask Tim McGraw and the many fans who contributed to his new video for “I Called Mama,” every day is Mother’s Day.

Tim just released the heartwarming, heartbreaking and emotional new music video, which is a compilation of his own collection of video and photos, along with footage submitted by his fans.

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During an appearance on Today, he told Hoda Kotb, “We had tons of people send stuff in. We couldn’t get everybody in, of course, but we tried to, at least, make it so you can feel as much as you can, even though your mother may not have gotten in.”

Tim also said, “I was recording the song back earlier in the year way before all this happened and it was just a great song, it was a song I loved. I love my mom like everybody loves their mom and I really wanted to record it and after I recorded it and we got it mixed, the virus came along and everybody was talking about it and everybody went into isolation and it took, so it really took on a bigger meaning and a deeper meaning to us.”

He went on to say, “This song felt like comfort food for your soul.”

The country star keeps in constant contact with his mother, Betty, throughout the shelter-in-place order and credits her with much of his success.

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“My mom was such an inspiration to us growing up because she went through a lot,” he said. “Certainly having me out of wedlock early in her life and cutting her high school short because of me. She’s always been there. She’s always been the person to tell us to think bigger than our circumstances and chase your dreams. Without her saying that to us growing up and instilling that in us growing up, I’m certainly sure I wouldn’t have pursued the career that I have.”

Watch Tim’s video for “I Called Mama.”