Tim McGraw Releases Nostalgic Lyric Video for “Thought About You”


Tim McGraw released two songs, his current single “Neon Church” and “Thought About You,” late last year and now the Louisiana native is sharing a lyric video for the latter.

“Thought About You,” is the second song to be featured on Tim’s upcoming 15th studio album. No details on the album’s release have been revealed at this time. However, Tim took to Instagram to talk about his latest project.

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“The cool thing about Thought About You is that it brings something, or someone, different to mind for everyone who hears it,” Tim wrote in an Instagram post. “It might be a loved one you saw yesterday, an old friend you haven’t spoken to in years or someone you know you’ll never see again.”

The lyric video for “Thought About You” contains old photos and Tim’s family photos that are tacked up to a bulletin board, along with the lyrics to the song. As the video progresses, the camera pulls out to reveal a cross, where the photos hang.

“For the lyric video, we worked with art director JP Robinson who helped us find stories of friendship, love and loss that we could follow over time,” Tim added. “There are some really special stories in those photos.  Hope you like it, and can’t wait to hear who you think of when you hear the song.  #ThoughtAboutYou,

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“Thought About You has Tim recalling memories of a special someone, seeing them in everything he does.

I thought about songs that make us feel better / I thought about fate that ties it all together / I thought about now and I thought about forever / I thought about fire and how we walk through it / The times I got it right / the times I blew it / I thought about real / I thought about good and I thought about true / and I thought about you,” Tim sings in the chorus.