Toby Keith Performs “Don’t Let the Old Man In” at the Grand Ole Opry [Watch]


Toby Keith returned to the Grand Ole Opry on Dec. 7 where he performed his brand new single, “Don’t Let the Old Man In.” The track is featured in Clint Eastwood’s new film “The Mule” and was penned by Toby.

The song itself details an older man looking back on his life and was inspired in part by a conversation Toby had earlier this year with Clint. According to a post on Instagram, Toby asked Clint what keeps him going and the 88-year-old said, “I get up every day and don’t let the old man in.”

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Toby’s stirring performance of “Don’t Let the Old Man In” came to life at the Opry thanks to soaring pedal steel, light percussion and acoustic guitar accompaniment. His wavering, and at times whispered, vocals gave added weight to the already poignant song as he slowly sang of knowing all his life that one day his last day on earth would come.

“Many moons I have lived / My body’s weathered and worn / Ask yourself how old you’d be / If you didn’t know the day you were born . . . When he rides up on his horse / And you feel that cold bitter wind / Look out your window and smile / Don’t let the old man in,” Toby sings on the track.” Toby sings.

“Don’t Let the Old Man In” is featured in Eastwood’s film, “The Mule,” in theaters Dec. 14.

Toby gave fans an early listen of the song last week with the track’s music video. The nearly three-minute clip stars Eastwood and includes scenes from the film “The Mule.”