Trace Adkins and Blake Shelton Singing “The A–hole Song” Will make You Laugh Out Loud


Blake Shelton may be known for his sarcastic sense of humor, but Trace Adkins is one artist that can give it right back.

As Blake’s Country Music Freaks Tour wrapped up in Philadelphia on March 17, Trace and Blake went out with a bang. Trace joined his friend on stage for a good ole rendition of “The A–hole Song.”

It was Trace that kicked the song off, singing to Blake. And then the two traded verses.

I don’t care if you’re from Ada (that’s Oklahoma where he’s from). I’m surprise you know  I don’t care if your great, great Grandaddy was a confederate hero. I don’t care if you live in Hollywood. Now you’re just as enlightened as you can be. But you’re still an a–hole to me,” Trace sang.

I don’t care if you quit drinking. And go to meetings twice a week. You say you found your higher power, yeah you’re so clean now, you squeak. Cause now that you’re clearlysober, well it sure is sad to see. You’re still an a–hole to me,” Blake retorted.

Then they both took turns on the chorus together.  “You could put a a–hole through Harvard. Sit behind the wheel of a shiny Corvette. Send him off to charm school. Let us tell you what you get. Well, you get a rich, pretty wealthy, charming, smooth talking, educated, pretty smart a–hole.

But the two weren’t done. There were personal lines about Trace’s mama and Blake being a judge on some snooty singing show on NBC. But it was all in good fun and the two friends ended the performance in an embrace.