Trace Adkins Meets the Real Hero of “Deepwater Horizon”


Trace Adkins attended the premiere for the new film, Deepwater Horizon, which depicts the horrific 2010 oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. The event led to the BP oil spill and the deaths of 11 workers on the rig.

Adkins, who has a small part in the film, posed with the real Mike Williams (who is portrayed in the film by Mark Wahlberg) and his wife Felicia (who is portrayed by Kate Hudson) at the Louisiana premiere.

The country singer’s part may have been filmed in a single day, but the scene was an altercation with Wahlberg (as Williams), where Adkins had to get physical with him. Apparently, the director, Peter Berg, didn’t think Adkins was angry enough.

“He’s a very intense individual,” Atkins told “He didn’t think he was getting the intensity from me that he wanted, he wanted me to get rough with Wahlberg, and I didn’t really want to. I didn’t want to hurt the guy. He started pushing me, and poking me in the chest, and cussing at me and pushing me against the wall, and he really made me mad. And then he was like, ‘Action!'”

Pissing Adkins off got the job done. While on set, Trace also got to spend some time with Williams.

“The whole mood on the set was very serious, because the guy that Wahlberg was portraying was actually there,” Adkins added. “He was consulting on the movie. And I talked to him before we did the scene. And we did the scene in the hotel lobby where [that scene] actually happened. I asked him, ‘Did this really happen?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, this really happened, I came in, the guy approached me, wanting to know where his son was. It happened, this is how it happened, this is where it happened.’ It was serious.”

Trace posted the pic with the Williams on social media, calling them the “real heroes of Deepwater Horizon.”