Trace Adkins Invites Dustin Lynch to Be Newest Member of The Grand Ole Opry

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Dustin Lynch Grand Ole Opry invitation
Photo by Chris Hollo/Hollo Photographics

“You’re going to be the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry” are the words that every country artist want’s to hear. That’s what Dustin Lynch heard Tuesday night (Aug. 21) when Trace Adkins offered up the invitation.

“This is my fifteenth anniversary so I can do whatever I want,” Trace kicked off the invitation. “So I wanted to come out here and talk to Dustin just for a second. I was just wondering if—you’re going to be back here playing on Sept. 18 I heard. Well, I’m here to tell you that when you play on Sept. 18 it will be as the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry.

Dustin, who made his Opry debut in 2012, keeled over with excitement, shared a hug with the 6’6” singer and spoke to the crowd.

“Thank you. I wish you weren’t so big. I wanted to pick you up and I couldn’t,” Dustin remarked

“This is not something that is taken lightly around here,” Trace added. “All the folks at the Grand Ole Opry are very selective and we want people to be members of the Grand Ole Opry that will have the respect for this institution that it deserves—that it’s earned for 92 years now. And we think that Dustin Lynch is going to carry on in that proud tradition and we’re glad to have him.”

Dustin will be officially inducted into the Opry family on Tuesday, Sept. 18.